The first batch of Issue 2 initially arrived in the fall of 2020 with a printing error that does not dimish the enjoyment of the stories, poems and photographs but simply was not fit for purpose. I choose not to sell them...until now! Here's your best chance to experience the quality of the creative work inside an issue of Stanchion and feel the gorgeously weighted uncoated pages, all for a fraction of the price of a regular issue.


10 pieces of short fiction, poems, striking b&w photography and more, imperfectly printed on elegant, thick and textured A5 paper.


Buy a copy today for just $3 per with FREE SHIPPING (within the U.S.) when you use code FREESHIP2 at checkout (the coupon code will take $1.50, the cost of shipping one issue to a U.S. address, off the total)

Imperfectly Printed Issue 2