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Free Gifts with Every Purchase over $20

Starting on September 28, 2023 and continuing until I run out of supplies (that won't be anytime soon!) every single order of $20 or more from the Stanchion shop will be shipped with free gifts. You may receive a One Story short shorty, a chapbook from another small press that I've bought, read, and enjoyed, or another fine literary magazine I purchased. You may also get a copy of an exclusive, full-color Stanchion Photography zine issue. I have a big supply of stuff (I've been a One Story subscriber for a looooong time and buy my share of other small press books) so while this deal will eventually end, it won't be for quite some time.

So order a couple of things from the store, the latest issue of Stanchion the Magazine or a chapbook for example, and know that extra goodies will arrive in your bundle!

The first order to ship with extra goodies was for 3 copies of Issue 13

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