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My Dungeon Love Affair by Stephanie Parent.


From the author of The Briars comes a sensual, emotional, and gripping collection of vignettes describing the experience of working at a commercial dungeon in Los Angeles.


80 pages.

Published in print: June 11, 2024

Print ISBN: 979-8-89292-682-9




"Stephanie Parent's My Dungeon Love Affair is an honest, ephemeral account, offering a brief but abundant portal into one woman's real-life fairy tale. The writing is vivid and real, and the magic is, too. Like the best fairy tales, there is sex and danger here, yet even as our heroine is imperiled, Parent's generous, curious prose lets us know we are safe and encouraged to follow along. A gem."

- Mike McClelland, author of Gay Zoo Day


"Stephanie Parent's My Dungeon Love Affair is a raw and compelling fractured fairy tale. You will feel yourself getting lost in the minotaur's maze of the L.A. kink community, and finding your way out again, right along with her."

- Francesca Leader, author of Like Wine or Like Pain


"In the matter-of-fact descriptions of her work as a submissive, Parent invites the reader into a sensual world where feelings are recognized by their shadowy silhouettes, all the more powerful for the masterful restraint she shows. This is the product of deep emotional work. I couldn’t help but be drawn in."

- Sumitra Singam, writer, psychiatrist and trauma therapist


"My Dungeon Love Affair is one of the most insightful works of nonfiction I've read in a long time. Stephanie Parent wields her power as a storyteller and voracious reader expertly, exploring her own experiences with perfect clarity. Through introspection and the language of fairy tales, she crafts a truly compelling story: her own."
- Emily Ruth Verona, author of Midnight on Beacon Street 


About Stephanie Parent

A graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at USC, Parent is a writer of dark fiction and poetry. Her debut horror novel THE BRIARS was published by Cemetery Gates Media in 2023 and Parent's debut poetry collection EVERY POEM A POTION, EVERY SONG A SPELL was released by Querencia Press in August 2022.

My Dungeon Love Affair PDF

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