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Stanchion at the 2023 Barrelhouse Writing Conference in Philadelphia

Are you a writer in or around Philly? Join Stanchion, Taco Bell Quarterly, Thrity West, and more editors, writers, and publishers at the one-day Barrelhouse Writing Conference at Temple University.

The Barrelhouse Conversations and Connections is a one-day writer's conference that brings together writers, editors, and publishers in a friendly, supportive environment. The conference is organized by Barrelhouse magazine and has been held for the past 15 years in Washington DC, and the past 6 in Pittsburgh, with 3 virtual pandemic conferences. September 2023 marks our return to Philadelphia. All proceeds go to participating small presses and literary magazines and to Barrelhouse.

Registration is just $75 and you get to attend workshops, panel discussions, speed date with editors (including me!), get a free book, and have the chance to donate $20 of the fee to one of the literary magazines there (maybe...Stanchion?) through the “partner press program,” and score a sweet incentive — like a subscription, a book, a poster, or something else — in return for your donation.

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