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That This

Is Temporary


by Adrienne Marie Barrios


The poems that makeup We Don't Know That This Is Temporary form a fiercely heartbreaking treatise on the aching chasm that too often forms between lovers. An emerging master of her craft, Barrios unapologetically taps into the inner monologue of a human still learning what it means to be seen, held, touched, made safe, to be enough for themselves and others, and to be filled with something more substantive than another's thoughtless limbs. These poems are for anyone who has loved with every vulnerable ounce of their being, and everyone who's been left unsatisfied with the results.

Paperback with Perfect Bound spine.

Approximately 92 pages.

Published: May 7, 2024

ISBN: 979-8-89292-683-6




“Adrienne Marie Barrios writes of ache and longing in a loud, beautiful whisper: every poem, soul-wrenchingly intimate in nature, feels like a secret.”—Lauren Milici, author of Sad Sexy Catholic and Final Girl“We Don’t Know That This is Temporary is built of unapologetic yearning—a eulogy for the memories we wish we held rather than the ones we do. Erotic and sorrowful in turn, Barrios’s tender poems offer a fierce reclamation of self within the ever-frayed bonds of love.”—GennaRose Nethercott, author of Thistlefoot and The Lumberjack’s Dove


"Adrienne writes with a soft-sharpness, creating a lush welcome for you to read comfortably—for the small prick of her poetry to sneak in and demand its single drop of blood."—Exodus Oktavia Brownlow, author of I'm Afraid That I Know Too Much About Myself Now, To Go Back To Who I Knew Before, And Oh Lord, Who WIll I Be After I've known All That I Can

We Don't Know That This Is Temporary

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