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An Honour And A Privilege

Stanchion is proud and, well, honored to be publishing the book, 'An Honour And A Privilege,' in late 2025.

'An Honour And A Privilege' will produce twelve fiction pieces in collaboration with Lindz McLeod, each accompanied by a non-fiction companion piece of writing. Lindz will work with one writer every month between July ’24 and July ’25 to create these collaborative pieces; the ultimate goal of the project is to create a craft book that contains longer and fuller examples of skills and techniques in fiction as well as breaking those techniques and thought processes down in the accompanying non-fiction piece.

Often, craft books only show an extract of a story, leaving the reader wondering how the entire thing fits together—Lindz has likened this to taking someone to see a magic show and then asking them to recreate an onstage trick simply by viewing the performance once.

Eight contributors have been chosen. They are:

  • Sara Hills

  • Sage Tyrtle 

  • Zebib Abraham

  • Thomas D. Lee 

  • Lynn Maxcy 

  • Somto Ihezue 

  • Eugenia Triantafyllou

  • Jonathan Duckworth

The remaining 4 slots will be selected from the writers who apply to be a part of this thrilling book. Click here to learn more about the application process. This application closes at midnight (British Summer Time) on Sunday 26th May, and shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Each writer participating in 'An Honour And A Privilege' will receive a nominal payment and a TBD number of author copies of the book for each print run of 100 copies.

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